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Do you sometimes feel stressed, anxious? Do you suffer from unexplainable pain? Or maybe you want to make a change in your life… hypnotherapy can be of a great help when it comes to find new solutions, change behaviors, deal with pains, anxieties or get more self-confidence, to only name a few possibilities. Ericksonian hypnosis teaches us how to activate our own inner resources, and thus by reducing stress it activates the self-healing abilities of our body. 

We barely take time to ask ourselves how we really feel, we are to busy and don’t listen to our body signals, nor to our needs. As a consequence, a stressful life can lead to various disorders and it is sometimes difficult to be aware of the exact cause of the trouble. Some problems might also be rooted in earlier life, or even past lives, when there seems to be no obvious cause to be found in the present life of the patient.

Using ericksonian hypnosis, it is possible to reconnect ourselves to the origins of the troubles, and thus create a change by using the power of the unconscious mind and create a real change.

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Many times during a day we are naturally going through different states of consciousness: when we daydream, when we watch a movie, when we drive a car… These « altered states of consciousness » can be compared to the state of hypnosis, which is a totally natural phenomenon that is occurring thanks to the capacities of our brain.

Hypnotherapy uses this natural capacity we all have, when using guided relaxation, intense concentration, and focused attention to achieve a heightened state of awareness that is sometimes called a trance. The person’s attention is so focused while in this state that anything going on around the person is temporarily blocked out or ignored. In this naturally occurring state, a person may focus his or her attention — with the help of a trained therapist — on specific thoughts or tasks.

The hypnotic state allows people to explore the « unconscious mind », information they might have hidden from their conscious minds and it enables people to perceive things differently, such as blocking an awareness of pain.